Provincial Government of Bulacan

Emilio G. Perez Memorial District Hospital

The Emilio G. Perez Memorial District Hospital, formerly known as Hagonoy Emergency Hospital is a government entity established by the Department of Health through the joint efforts of the former Cong. Teodulo Natividad of the First Congressional District of Bulacan and the late Mayor Emilio G. Perez of Hagonoy, Bulacan, in whose memory it was named.

The hospital as a local resource for health of the people of Hagonoy, Paombong and near-by areas is striving hard to respond to the common expectation in the locality by making the basic services available 24 hours day, accessible to everybody wherever they may be residing, acceptable to anybody irrespective of their psycho social and religious belief and affordable to any economic class of patients in the community


The Emilio G. Perez Memorial District Hospital will serve as the principal medical, healthcare and health education resource in Hagonoy and its catchment area. With emphasis on health promotion and curative, the hospital mission must permit a wide range of delivery programs designed to advance medical and health related services that response to the Hagonoy and other neighboring community needs, especially among the poor and those in dire need of medical emergency services.

The Emilio G. Perez Memorial District Hospital will move upscale in its service delivery. It will improve its equipment and facilities and will strengthen its over all financial position. While maintaining its service to the poor and the medically indigent, it will broaden its services to other patients groups.


Today, the hospital renders the following type of services: medicines, surgery, pediatrics, anesthesiology, obstetrician & gynecology, pharmacy, laboratory, x-ray, family planning and under five clinic.  The hospital has the services of 2 medical specialists:  one (1) in internal medicine and one (1) in general surgery.

Contact Information

Dr. Gerardo C. Morales
Chief of Hospital

Mailing Address:
Sto. Niño, Hagonoy, Bulacan 3002 Philippines
Tel: +63(44) 793-0092, 793-3497
Fax: +63(44) 793-0092