Provincial Government of Bulacan

Invest in Bulacan

Welcome to Bulacan, the Most Business-Friendly Province in the Philippines!

For many years now, Bulacan has become one of the most favorite business destinations in the country. Just 15 minutes away from Metropolitan Manila, we offer a business experience like no other. We take pride in our competent and empowered workforce, well-managed tax collection program, modernized transportation and communication system, well-developed infrastructure support, abundant natural resources, and an attractive business incentive package, making every investor feel the warm welcome of the Bulakenyos. We have also maintained a community conducive to doing business.

With our continuous effort to respond to the demands of the times, the Provincial Government is investing in important projects that will benefit not only our business partners in Bulacan but all over Luzon. Bulacan is also coming up with an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Park which will serve as the center for ICT-related businesses in the province.

But more importantly, Bulacan is investing in equipping our people with the right skills and knowledge to be able to develop a generation of entrepreneurs, competitive and determined to face the challenges of the changing times.

Visit us, and experience for yourself what we have in store for you.

Existing Public-Private Partnership Code

Provincial Ordinance No. 18-2015: A Provincial Code Adopting and Pursuing a Public-Private Partnership Approach Towards Development, Creating a PPP Regulatory Authority, and Providing Appropriations and Incentives Therefor, and For Other Purposes

Awards Received

Consistent "Most Business-Friendly Province" Awardee of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • 2022 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Winner
  • 2021 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Finalist
  • 2020 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Winner
  • 2019 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Special Citation
  • 2018 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Finalist
  • 2017 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Special Citation
  • 2016 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Winner
  • 2015 Most Business-Friendly LGU Award - Winner

Labor and Employment (PSA LFS 2021)

Population 15 Years Old and Over: 2,623,946
Labor Force Participation Rate: 59.3%
Employment Rate: 91.6%
Umeployment Rate: 7.7%

Daily Minimum Wage Rates** (in pesos)

Non-Agriculture: 443.00-450.00
Agriculture (Plantation): 420.00
Agriculture (Non-Plantation): 404.00
Retail/Service: 425.00-439.00

* As of May 1, 2020
** Basic pay per day for all provinces in Region 3 (excluding Aurora) based on the National Wages and Productivity Wage Commission Wage Order No. RBIII-23 Effective June 20, 2022.