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san miguel
San Miguel is one of the most progressive towns in Bulacan. Miguel Pineda in 1763, the first "Captain Municipal" of the place founded it.

It was said that Miguel Pineda, a native of Angat, went hunting one day and he happened to reach barrio San Bartolome, located at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Finding the place suitable for this chosen by the settlers to be their leader.

The barrio improved through his leadership and decides to expand their territory. He then later discovered a progressive community named Sto. Rosario whose leader was Mariano Puno. The two agreed to form a town between Bartolome (now Tartaro) and Sto. Rosario (now Mandile). They chose Miguel Mayumo to be the name of the town, which should be included in the province of Pampanga. Miguel was in honor of Miguel Pineda and Mayumo, a Pampango word for "sweet", stands for the goodwill and generosity of Puno.

Years passed by, the people, during a meeting presided over by Pineda, endorsed to give the town a better name. In the course of their meeting, an excited man came in and then related an unusual tale.

He claimed that one night on his way home after gathering bundles of firewood which he placed on a raft, a big rock blocked his way along the river. He tried to find another way but could not make it. Suddenly, a strong wind lashed at him followed by heavy rains. He hurriedly left the raft and sought shelter inside a cave. He continued that he fell asleep as he waited for the rain to stop.

At midnight, a blinding light woke him up. Stunned, he stood up as he sensed something was happening when another dazzling light brightened the cave. He went to another part of the cave and later on he discovered a hallowed winged figure. He was sure, a miracle happened. He went back at the town and narrated the story. Some people led by Captain Miguel went there to see for themselves the miracle. They saw the winged figure, which looked like Saint Michael, the Prince of the Angels. They believed that the discovery of the Angel was God's blessing and a sign of good graces to the inhabitants. In this connection, the people of Miguel Mayumo deemed it proper and timely to add "Sam" to the name of the town in reference and homage to the discovery of the image of Arcangel. Hence, San Miguel de Mayumo became the complete name of the town. However, the official name of the town at present is simply San Miguel.

Fast Facts

Physical and Socio-Political

Land Area 26,524 has
No. of Barangays 49
Population (2015) 153,882

Commerce and Industry

Major Industries:
Agricultural, Food Art, Food Products

Major Products:
Vegetables, Sweets and Delicacies, Chicharon

Political Subdivision

San Miguel is politically subdivided into the following 49 barangays:

1. Bagong Pag-asa
2. Bagong Silang
3. Balaong
4. Balite
5. Bantog
6. Bardias
7. Baritan
8. Batasan Bata
9. Batasan Matanda
10. Biak-na-Bato
11. Biclat
12. Buga
13. Buliran
14. Bulualto
15. Calumpang
16. Cambio
17. Camias
18. Ilog-Bulo
19. King Kabayo
20. Labne
21. Lambakin
22. Magmarale
23. Malibay
24. Maligaya
25. Mandile
26. Masalipit
27. Pacalag
28. Paliwasan
29. Partida
30. Pinambaran
31. Poblacion
32. Pulong Bayabas
33. Pulong Duhat
34. Sacdalan
35. Salacot
36. Salangan
37. San Agustin
38. San Jose
39. San Juan
40. San Vicente
41. Santa Ines
42. Santa Lucia
43. Santa Rita Bata
44. Santa Rita Matanda
45. Sapang
46. Sibul
47. Tartaro
48. Tibagan
49. Tigpalas

Contact Information

Municipal Officials:
Mayor Roderick DG. Tiongson
Vice Mayor John A. Alvarez

Mailing Address:
EnP. Pedro R. Sambas
Municipal Planning and Development Office
Municipality of San Miguel, Bulacan
San Miguel, Bulacan 3011 Philippines

Contact Nos:
Telefax: +63(44) 764-2125 (Mayor's Office); 762-0991 (MPDC)


Term: 2019-2022
Mayor Roderick DG. Tiongson
Vice Mayor John A. Alvarez
Coun. Christopher T. Beltran
Coun. Melvin B. Santos
Coun. Gerome DC. Reyes
Coun. Emmanuel DC. Magtalas
Coun. Richard P. Dela Cruz
Coun. Jayvee C. Lacsina
Coun. Mark David C. Maon
Coun. Anika Corinne S. Tan

Term: 2016-2019
Mayor Marivee Mendez Coronel
Vice Mayor John A. Alvarez
Coun. Romeo C. Dizon
Coun. Richard P. Dela Cruz
Coun. Christopher T. Beltran
Coun. Bayani P. Tecson
Coun. Ma. Ysabelle Clarisse Anne SM. Bonoan
Coun. Rogelio E. Macasu
Coun. Romeo L. Reyes, Jr.
Coun. Jayvee C. Lacsina

Term: 2013-2016
Mayor Roderick DG. Tiongson
Vice Mayor Marivee M. Coronel
Coun. Raul A. Mariano
Coun. Romeo C. Dizon
Coun. Emmanuel DC. Magtalas
Coun. Vincent Abril M. Maniquis
Coun. Anika Corinne DS. Santiago
Coun. Rogelio E. Macasu
Coun. Bayani P. Tecson
Coun. Romeo P. Villacorta

Term: 2010-2013
Mayor Roderick D. Tiongson
Vice Mayor Ma. Gemma S. Alcantara
Coun. Josephine C. Buan
Coun. Emmanuel D. Magtalas
Coun. Ernesto S. Sulit
Coun. Raul A. Mariano
Coun. Anika Corrine D. Santiago
Coun. Vincent Abril M. Maniquis
Coun. Marivee M. Coronel
Coun. Romeo C. Dizon

San Miguel