Provincial Government of Bulacan

Early accounts on the founding of this town, as gathered from the old people, yielded information that it was formerly a part of the town of Meycauayan. The town reportedly got its name from Saint Joseph whose statue was found was a veritable forest; the hunters called it San Jose Del Monte. In all probability, the hunters reported their find to the parish priest of Meycauayan. It was said that the priest built a stone church at the site where the town proper is now located. The statue was installed in the new church. Extant Catholic Church records reveal that the first parish priest was Father Antonio de Moral. He took charge of the parish in 1845. The first town inhabitants came from Meycauayan.

During the revolt against Spain, the town became a battleground between the Katipuneros and the Spain forces. The revolutionists lost and the vengeful Spanish soldiers burned down the settlement. The town people fled for their lives to nearby towns.

At the advent of the American rule, it was made a part of Sta. Maria until 1918 when the town was created and Ciriaco Gallardo was appointed the first municipal president. Public schools where opened at the start of the American regime but due to the scarcity of the population, the highest grade organized was the fourth grade.

During the Japanese occupation, the town became an ideal hiding place of the Filipino guerillas because of the town's hilly and wooden terrain. When the Americans came, peace reigned but not for long. At the height of the Huk activity, the town was raided on October 10, 1950. The Huks burned down the town hall. The town was raided for the second time on March 21, 1951. The Huks did not succeed because of the precautionary measures instituted by the town officials. The Huk menace was gradually eliminated until the town became peaceful and progressive as we find it today.

With the coming of recent settlers to San Jose Del Monte, its population increased tremendously. In the past few years several residential subdivisions have been established here to accommodate the spilled-over population of Metro Manila.

Its proximity to Manila and Quezon City had made San Jose del Monte an ideal place for a quiet and peaceful living. The place is hilly with a mountain background, the Sierra Madre that provides a panoramic backdrop to the town. San Jose del Monte promises to become one of the industrial sites in this part of the province with the way things are going.

Fast Facts

Physical and Socio-Political

Land Area 31,294 has.
No. of Barangays 59
Population (2015) 574,089

Commerce and Industry

Major Industries:
Agricultural, Manufacturing, Commercial and Service Centers, Food Processing

Major Products:
Bakeries, Natural Delicacies, Balut, Juices, Sweets, Processed Meat, Fish Products, Rice, Livestock, Mangoes, Marbles, Bat Manure

Political Subdivision

City of San Jose Del Monte is politically subdivided into the following 59 barangays:

1. Assumption
2. Bagong Buhay I
3. Bagong Buhay II
4. Bagong Buhay III
5. Citrus
6. Ciudad Real
7. Dulong Bayan
8. Fatima
9. Fatima II
10. Fatima III
11. Fatima IV
12. Fatima V
13. Francisco Homes – Guijo
14. Francisco Homes – Mulawin
15. Francisco Homes – Narra
16. Francisco Homes – Yakal
17. Gaya-Gaya
18. Graceville
19. Gumaoc Central
20. Gumaoc East
21. Gumaoc West
22. Kaybanban
23. Kaypian
24. Lawang Pari
25. Maharlika
26. Minuyan
27. Minuyan II
28. Minuyan III
29. Minuyan IV
30. Minuyan Proper
31. Minuyan V
32. Muzon
33. Paradise III
34. Poblacion
35. Poblacion I
36. Saint Martin de Porres
37. San Isidro
38. San Manuel
39. San Martin I
40. San Martin II
41. San Martin III
42. San Martin IV
43. San Pedro
44. San Rafael I
45. San Rafael II
46. San Rafael III
47. San Rafael IV
48. San Rafael V
49. San Roque
50. Santa Cruz I
51. Santa Cruz II
52. Santa Cruz III
53. Santa Cruz IV
54. Santa Cruz V
55. Santo Cristo
56. Santo Niño I
57. Santo Niño II
58. Sapang Palay
59. Tungkong Mangga

Contact Information

City Officials:
Mayor Arturo B. Robes
Vice Mayor Efren Bartolome, Jr.

Mailing Address:
Ms. Regina S. Delos Reyes
Municipal Planning and Development Office
City Government of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan, 3023 Philippines

Contact Nos:
Tel. No.: +63(44) 815-2136; 815-6469 (Mayor's Office); 815-2115 (CPDC)


Term: 2019-2022
Mayor Arthur B. Robes
Vice Mayor Efren Bartolome, Jr.
Coun. Jose J. Abela
Coun. Janet DS. Reyes
Coun. Rosalyn C. Cabuco
Coun. Glenn M. Villano
Coun. Liezl N.Aguirre-Abat
Coun. Richard Maurice M. Robes
Coun. Romeo N. Agapito
Coun. Benjamin G. Acibal
Coun. Ryan B. Elfa
Coun. Celso G. Francisco
Coun. Argel Joseph V. Drio
Coun. Vanessa Michelle Roquero

Term: 2016-2019
Mayor Arthur B. Robes
Vice Mayor Efren Bartolome, Jr.
Coun. Richie Maurice M. Robes
Coun. Ryan L. Santos
Coun. Jose J. Abela
Coun. Liezl A. Abat
Coun. Glenn Villano
Coun. Noli D. Concepcion
Coun. Irene B. Del Rosario
Coun. Enrique Delos Santos, Jr.
Coun.Argel Joseph V. Drio
Coun. Eumir B. Samera
Coun.Reynaldo H. Policarpio
Coun. Ryan Elfa

Term: 2013-2016
Mayor Reynaldo S. San Pedro
Vice Mayor Eduardo S. Roquero, Jr.
Coun. Efren C. Bartolome, Jr.
Coun. Janet D. Reyes
Coun. Richard Maurice M. Robes
Coun. Liezl Aguirre-Abat
Coun. Jose J. Abela
Coun. Giovanny B. Capricho
Coun. Benjamin G. Acibal, Jr.
Coun. Eumir B. Samera
Coun. Rogelio D. Drio, Jr.
Coun. Reynaldo H. Policarpio
Coun. Romeo N. Agapito
Coun. Irene B. del Rosario

Term: 2010-2013
Mayor Reynaldo S. San Pedro
Vice Mayor Eduardo S. Roquero, Jr.
Coun. Efren C. Bartolome, Jr.
Coun. Nolly D. Concepcion
Coun. Janet D. Reyes
Coun. Allan Ray A. Baluyut
Coun. Glenn M. Villano
Coun. Romeo N. Agapito
Coun. Eumir B. Samera
Coun. Benjamin G. Acibal, Jr.
Coun. Giovanny B. Capricho
Coun. John Levi P. Daluz
Coun. Rogelio D. Drio
Coun. Thelma D. San Pedro

San Jose Del Monte