Provincial Government of Bulacan

Investment Opportunities

  1. Labor Generating Enterprises
  2. Enterprise to be established in identified less-developed areas or growth sub-center in the province in accordance with the approved provincial physical framework plan;
  3. Manufacturing enterprises using indigenous materials;
  4. Electronics Enterprises;
  5. Tourism Oriented Enterprises
    This covers the establishment of tourist accommodation facilities, resorts, retirement villages, and medical tourism
  6. Pioneering Enterprises;
  7. Service-Oriented Enterprises
    This covers service rendered to clients abroad such as contact center, business/knowledge processing, software development, animation, data transcription, engineering design and information, and communications technology support activities
  8. Water and Power Resources Development Enterprises
  9. Telecommunications Development Enterprises
  10. Agri-Business Enterprises
  11. Research and Development
    This covers commercial and in-house R & D activities, and the establishment of centers of excellence, innovation, and skill development training institutions
  12. Engineered Products
  13. Generation of power using alternative sources such as solar, the wind that does not generate a greenhouse effect.

Bulacan Housing and Agro-Industrial Projects - BUHAI
(Norzagaray, Bulacan)

The proposed site as 160 has. property in Norzagaray, Bulacan. As a model community, it will be provided with affordable housing, light to medium scale industries, cattle farms, and various accompanying utilities and waste processing utilities.
Proponent: Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) thru North Luzon Railways Corporation (Northrail) and Provincial Government of Bulacan (PGB)
Implementing Agency: Provincial Government of Bulacan
Cost: $1.3 Million
Market: Residential Community for 10,500 families. Industrial Complex for local and foreign locators
Cooperation Sought: Industrial estate development thru Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme

Bulacan Central Bulk Water Supply

The proposed project will provide treated bulk water supply to the eight coastal municipalities under the water districts. The water system will have a production capacity of approximately 90,190 cubic meters per day using groundwater for Phase I-A and about 230,000 cubic meters per day to be sourced from the Angat-Umiray Transbasin Project for Phase I-B.
Proponent: Bulacan Water Corporation
Implementing Agencies: Local Water Districts of Balagtas, Bocaue, Bulacan, Guiguinto, Malolos, Marilao, Meycauayan, Obando as represented by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).
Cost: $169 Million
Market: 120,000 households, 20,000 commercial/industrial users
Cooperation Sought: Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme; Bid Challenge

Proposed North Fairview Tollway

This is a proposed 20-kilometer road network connecting Eastern Bulacan (City of San Jose Del Monte, Pandi and Sta. Maria) to Central Bulacan (Balagtas, Marilao, Guiguinto). This will ease up traffic in the North Luzon Expressway and MacArthur Highway and will provide an alternative transport route via Quezon City.
Cost: US$ 16 Million
Cooperation Sought: Build-Operate-Transfer Scheme

Jewelry Industry

The Philippines is the 12th largest producer of gold in the world. We have cultural and design background and skilled workers. Presently, there are approximately 10,000 cottage type firms employing 6-7 people each on the average.

Composed of approximately 100 firms, the Meycauayan Jewelry Industry Association (MJIA) runs the Philippine Jewelry Center a one-stop-shop service center for jewelers, equipped with training centers, common service facilities, laboratory equipment and provides design assistance to members.

Major product categories:

  • Precious metal jewelry
  • Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones

Furniture Industry

Bulacan is home to some 200 furniture manufacturers producing a wide range of world-class furniture. Catering to both foreign and domestic markets, they manufacture simple, classic, and reproduction furniture made of wood, rattan, metal, and mix of these materials. Their manpower is highly-skilled in fine and elaborate wood carvings, stone parquetry, and carabao bone in-laid furniture.

At present, Bulacan exports fine furniture primarily to Europe, Middle East, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, and U.S. territories.

A local chapter of the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP) provides assistance to the province's furniture manufacturers.

Pyrotechnics Industry

Bulacan is noted as a leading manufacturer of pyrotechnics in the Philippines. It is estimated that about 500 manufacturers are producing pyrotechnic products, particularly concentrated in the areas of Bocaue, Sta. Maria, Baliuag, and other neighboring municipalities of the province. Manufacturers and dealers grew rapidly in Bulacan relatively because of the high profits generated. On average, the demand for pyrotechnics is highest during the months of May and December because of fiestas, Christmas, and New Year's Eve celebrations.

The Bulacan Manufacturers had joined the VIII Macau International Fireworks Display Competition, 11 countries competed and the Philippines ranked number four. It showed that Bulacan made fireworks is within the standard of international experts. Among locally made pyrotechnics, those made in Bulacan are much preferred by local consumers because of the quality of the products.

Electronics and Information Technology

Due to the proliferation of technical schools and colleges offering courses on computer and information technology, Bulacan abounds with a highly-skilled pool of professional graduates, of which many are continuously being employed by multinational companies in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and the U.S.A.

There exist available domestic markets for I.T. and software development because of proximity to the business districts of Metro Manila.

Bulacan has available industrial estates to house locators and investors and likewise has excellent and affordable Internet and broadband telecommunications infrastructure and support facilities to suit every investor's needs.

Marble Industry

With 28 processing plants & 36 firms engaged in small scale marble quarrying, Bulacan is the center of marble stone production in the Philippines accounting for about 70% of the total output of stone.

It prides itself on having a Marble Production and Training Center with modern, state of the art polishing equipment, providing training programs for workers.

Its marble and marbleized limestone products are exported to the U.S.A., Europe and other Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, and Malaysia.

Cooperation Sought:
Marketing Tie-up, Technology Upgrade

Garments Industry

Garments are one of Bulacan's major industries with over 200 registered garment manufacturers engaged in direct export and sub-contracting work.

Its principal products range from children and infant's wear, knitted shirts and blouses, trousers, shorts, athletic and swimwear. Its highly-skilled Labor force excels in embroidery, handiwork, and smocking, and competent workers knowledgeable in printing and dyeing, knitting and finishing.

Cooperation Sought:
Marketing tie-up, a Production partnership

Food Processing Industry

Bulacan has a remarkable 15% share of the total mango production of the Philippines. Likewise, other fruits can be sourced within the province.

Situated in the province are various medium-sized companies engaged in processing and production of food products such as fruit purees, industrial fruit juices, ice cream, and ice cream flavorings.

Tourism Promotion

Bulacan has a rich natural resources ideal for eco-tourism development. The undeveloped highlands of Northeastern Bulacan have caves, underground rivers and other natural wonders sure to attract eco-tourist.

Its rich cultural, historical and culinary heritage plus the natural hospitality and charm of its people, complete an ambiance conducive to tourism.