Provincial Government of Bulacan

Baliuag Distict Hospital


It is the mission of Baliuag District Hospital to provide quality patient care to the sick and injured through the help of trained health personnel using effective  and affordable medicines and modern equipments in a home-like environment conductive to early recovery towards wellness.

It is the vision of Baliuag Unified Local Health System thru Baliuag District Hospital  that quality health services shall be provided to catchment areas through partnership  with RHU’s, NGO’s, OGO’s, PO’s and the community.

Baliuag District Hospital is envisioned to treat the sick and the injured by doctors who are competent in the field of  specialty through the help of nurses and support staff with the primary concern of the patients’ needs in an environment which is pleasant and conducive to early recovery and wellness.


1. Provision of quality health services according to Sentrong Sigla standard

  • To upgrade non-certified SS facilities.
  • To sustain SS Certified facilities
  • To improve provided health services on Nutrition, Sanitation, Reproductive Health, Child Care, Dental Health, Birthing stations, Health Financing
  • To improve/develop system on Monitoring, Evaluation, Information management, Logistic management

2. Reduction of leading communicable & noncommunicable diseases

  • To reduce incidence by 10% - Diarrhea, Pneumonia, PTB
  • To reduce mortality by 2% - CVD, Cancer
  • To reduce prevalence rate of malnourished children

3. Sustain/strengthen Baliuag Unified Local Health System

  • To strengthen integration of Field Health Services and Hospital Operations
  • To sustain Unified Local Health System
  • To establish strong networking with private health providers
  • To develop research capabilities


Quality Assurance Programs

  1. Sentrong Sigla Movement - DOH health reform strategy of upgrading services and facilities thru continuous monitoring certification and accreditation.
  2. 5S of Good Housekeeping The Japanese way of improving productivity; Sort, Systematize, Sweep, Sanitize and Self discipline.
  3. Waste Management Program Proper waste segregation disposal and recycling of hospital toxic and pathological waste.

Unified Local Health System

  1. Two-way referral system - Clustering of adjacent municipalities/LGU’s with the district hospital as the core and first referral hospital.
  2. Health Promotion and Education
  3. Public Health Desk

Home-based Nursing Care - An alternative strategy that reduces health care cost by transferring certain nursing care services to the home of patients thru collaboration with partner institutions and hospital’s nursing staff.

Family Planning Program

Mother and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Hospital Wellness Program - Maintenance and promotion of the hospital thru a holistic approach; hospital serves not only a curative institution as well as promoting and rehabilitative facility.

Indigence Program - Mechanism to assist fully indigent patients thru the assistance of:

  1. PSWDO
  2. BSWDO
  3. PCSO Endowment Fund
  4. Medical Assistance from PDF of Congressional Representative

Staff Development Program - Continuing professional education of personnel thru scientific seminars, training and convention supported/ conducted by the PHRMO.


  • 1982 – Chosen as the Cleanest Public Hospital in Bulacan Medical Society
  • 1982 – Area Level award as most Outstanding Secondary Hospital for Luzon
  • 2000 – First Hospital in Bulacan to be bestowed the Sentrong Sigla Seal
  • 2000 – Finalist for the Public Service Excellence Award
  • 2001 – Second Place in 5S of Good housekeeping
  • 2001 – Second Place  in the Bayanihan Awards
  • 2001 – Regional Awardee for the Setrong Sigla Awards with P 1M cash prize
  • 2002 – First District Hospital and Pilot all for the Unified Local Health System launched by CHD 3
  • 2002 – First Place as practitioner for the 5S of Good Housekeeping with P 25,000 cash prize
  • Second Place as practitioner for the 5S of Good Housekeeping with P15,000 cash price.
  • Provincial Awardee for the Sentrong Sigla Award
  • PHA Presidential Award of Merit for Excellence


Dr. Joseph Paul R. Cruzcosa
Chief of Hospital (OIC)

Mailing Address:
Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan 3006 Philippines
Tel: +63(44) 766-2338, 766-2364
Fax: +63(44) 766-2364