Provincial Government of Bulacan

Gregorio del Pilar District Hospital


Gregorio del Pilar District Hospital aims to provide quality service to the sick adn injured through the help of competent doctors and nurses in a hotel like environment conducive to early recovery towards wellness.


Empowered Bulakeños who are active participants in the provision of health care services they need through the primary health care approach and unified district health system where the hospital shall provide quality, promotive, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic medical service as a basic component of health services to attain health for all Filipinos.


  1. Medical
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Surgery
  4. OB-Gyne
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Laboratory
  7. X-ray
  8. ECG


  1. Diabetic Club
  2. Free FBS/ Cholesterol Screening (Once a Month)
  3. Animal Bite Center

Contact Information

Dr. Roselle J. Acob
Chief of Hospital

Mailing Address:
Bagumbayan, Bulakan, Bulacan 3017 Philippines
Tel: +63(44) 792-0119