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Basic Information you need to know about Bulacan

Provincial Veterinary Office

Our Office is committed to the pursuit of profitable and responsible livestock raising and pet ownership while keeping in mind animal welfare, the environment and public health.


A province of responsible livestock and pet owners, producing and keeping quality animals humanely without damaging the environment and threatening public health.



  • Control and prevent the outbreak of economically significant animal diseases.
  • Control and prevent the outbreak of diseases of public health concern.
  • Promote food safety through regulation of farms and slaughterhouses.
  • Increase income in the rural areas through livestock raising.
  • Upgrade livestock breeds in Bulacan to give the farmers better income in livestock raising.



A. PRRS, Hog Cholera, Hemosep, Mycoplasma, Surra, PED/TGE, FMD

  1. Backyard Biosecurity Program
    • Enlist and validate farm raisers profile, loacation and vaccine requirements
    • Distribution of biologicals and disinfectants
      • Mycoplasma
      • Hog Cholera
      • Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome
      • Hemo Septecimia
      • Chemical disinfectants
  2. Sero-surveillance (FMD screening)
    • Collection of Blood Samples
      • Hog blood samples
      • Cattle/ Carabao blood samples
      • Sheep/goat blood samples
  3. Disease Outbreak Management
    • Investigation and Verification of Reported Cases
      • Coordinate with MLGU and Farm Owners
      • Investigation proper
      • Investigation of Reported cases, collection and submission of samples for Laboratory Analysis
      • Delivery of lab results
    • Vaccination of PCB

B. Caprine Arthritis Encephalomyelitis Prevention and Control

  1. Blood test of goat / sheep prior to shipment
    • Collection of Blood Samples
    • Submission of Samples to DA-BAI
    • Issuance of Shipping permits and laboratory results (neg.)
    • Quaratine (positive)

C. Surra Prevention and Control

  1. Blood test / Random Sampling
    • Collection of Blood Samples
    • Submission of Samples to DA-BAI
    • Treatment of Surra Positive Animals

A. Rabies Prevention and Control

  1. Veterinary Medical Mission
    • Vaccination
      • Vaccination of Priority and Critical Barangays (PCB)/ request
        • Investigation & verification of Rabies Incidence
        • Scheduling of CPB prior to vaccination program
        • Conduct of Massive vaccination
      • Request vaccination of Barangay, Home Owners or NGOs
        • Scheduling of vaccination
        • Conduct of vaccination
    • Free animal consultation
    • Anti-mange and deworming
    • Neutering of pets
      • Enlist and validate pet health condition prior to neutering
      • Surgical procedure
  2. Information Education Campaign
    • Launching of Rabies Awareness Month
      • Attend meeting in LLN/ ML/ BHW
      • Distribution of flyers, posters and tarpaulins
    • Promote Provincial Diagnostic Lab, Free Neutering and Resp. Pet Ownership
  3. Dog Population Control
    • Advocacy for the Establishment and Operation of Dog Pound
      • Letter to LCEO to build & operate animal pound
      • Dog Catching Activity as per Request by LGUs
      • Neutering of pets from walk-in clients
        • Health evaluation of pets
        • Conduct of surgical procedure

B. Bird Flu, Ebola, Swine Influenza Prevention and control

  1. Blood test of pigeons, breeder quails and breeder chicken prior to shipment
    • Collection of blood and swab samples
    • Submission of samples to DA-BAI
    • Issuance of Shipping permits and labopratory results (neg.)
  2. Disease Outbreak Management
    • Investigation and Verification of Reported Cases
    • Coord. with MLGU and Farm owner
    • Investigation proper
    • Collection and submission of samples for lab. analysis
  3. Quarantine procedures
    • Quarantine of Affected premises
    • Institute necessary control measure
    • Regular monitoring of stocks and premises

A. Farm Inspection

  1. Prior to issuance of Shipping permit
    • Implementation of Biosecurity Protocols
      • Vaccination
      • Disinfection
      • Mortality Disposal
    • Evaluation of animal health program/status
    • Registration to Animal Welfare
    • Quarantine/regulate non-complying farms

B. Slaughterhouse Monitoring

  1. Monitoring and surveillance of SLH as to operations
    • Monitoring of SLH
      • Coordinate with SLH personnel
      • Inspection of SLH focusing on cleaning and disinfection of SLH
      • Compliance to all-in-all-out policy
      • Traceability of all stocks
    • City Vets / Livestock Coordinators / Market Masters / Meat Inspectors / SLH Supervisors Meeting

C. Market Inspection

  1. Monitoring of Public/Private Markets looking for:
    • Meat brand
    • Meat Inspection Certificate
    • Certificate of Meat Inspection
  2. Conduct closure order
    • Hot meat surveillance for suspected illegal hot meat establishment/trader
      • Coordinate w/ MI, CVO, MAO, PNP and Barangay Officials
      • Conduct of occular inspection, apprehension and closure of illegal slaughterhouse / hot meat trader

D. Animal Movement Monitoring

  1. Supervision of mobile checkpoint teams manned by watchmen w/ emphasis on:
    • Animal Health Status
    • Travel Documents
    • Hot meat traders
  2. Condemnation of Sick animals /Hot meat
  3. Implementation of return-to-origin policy for non-complying haulers

A. Performance of Laboratory Services

  1. Collection of samples for examination
  2. Performance of Laboratory Services
    • Rabies Examination Test (DME)
    • Blood Examination
    • Parasitological

A. Carabao Upgrading Program for Meat and Milk

  1. Dispersal Monitoring
    • Fecal Collection
    • Blood Collection/sampling
    • Deworming of Dispersals
  2. Carabao Recipient meeting

B. Farmer Livestock School

  1. Letter of intent to MLGU to conduct FLS-Integrated Goat Management
  2. Conduct of weekly seminar
  3. Graduation of farmer goat raisers completed the module seminar

C. Massive Deworming Program

  1. Scheduling of mass deworming to all request/dispersals
  2. Conduct of mass deworming with injectable vitamins



Dr. Voltaire G. Basinang
Department Head

Mailing Address:
Provincial Veterinary Office
Provincial Capitol Compound
Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines 3000

Tel.: +63(44) 791-8166