Provincial Government of Bulacan


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Provincial Administrator's Office


  • Strengthening and upholding synergy in the PGB by providing efficient and effective coordination and administrative support to all offices;
  • Ensuring that all systems, policies and programs are aligned with and in accordance with PGB’s principles, vision and mission and objectives by monitoring performance and developing systems of the various Provincial Government Offices;
  • Providing quality and high standards of public service through conceptualization and pilot testing of innovative projects and programs for the betterment of the Bulakeños and improving the effectiveness and extent of continuing projects;
  • Ensuring the readiness of the Province in handling and responding to disasters and crises through programs and projects related therewith.


To be the leading agency in the Provincial Government of Bulacan in promoting quality and high standards of public service, in creating synergy in all offices and in uplifting reforms in the bureaucracy



  • Ensures effective and efficient implementation of provincial government's governance and development policies, programs, and projects
  • Develops, installs and sustains a system-wide internal and external mechanisms for effective decision making and implementation processes
  • Develops, installs and sustains a system-wide efficient and effective performance-driven organization, development policies, programs, projects, relief and assistance provision during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disaster and calamities
  • Develops, installs and implements a system of monitoring and evaluating the quality and performance of all provincial government offices for judging system-level efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develops, installs and causes the implementation of a system's audit and control
  • Develops, manages and supervises special executive concerns including special programs and projects
  • Develops, updates and issues provincial government's manuals of operations and procedures
  • Exercises inter-office coordination, facilitation and assistance
  • Develops and implements a comprehensive provincial program for disaster preparedness
  • Conducts or causes the conduct of citizen's disaster preparedness training
  • Coordinates and links with the government agencies and non- government organizations on all matters pertaining to making the province attain an environment conducive to investments and business



Antonia V. Constantino
Provincial Administrator

Catherine A. Inocencio
Assistant Department Head

Mailing Address:
2nd Flr. Capitol Building, Capitol Compound
Malolos City, Bulacan 3000

Tel: +63(44) 791-8140 / 8141 / 8142