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Provincial Assessor's Office

A model of appraisal and assessment administration with a reputation of delivering impartial, accurate and understandable assessments that anchors on the fundamentals and norms of the law.



  • To be an office that is highly respected for its integrity and accuracy of appraisal and assessment;
  • To deliver prompt, courteous and professional service to our customers at all times;
  • To create a working environment that will attract and retain quality employees who are well-trained, thoughtful and considerate; and
  • To develop a workforce that is committed, empowered and dedicated to a process of ever improving, responsive and cost-effective public service.



A. Tax Mapping Division

  • Secure cadastral maps from the Bureau of Lands, DAR, LRA, private geodetic engineers and other sources;
  • Prepare, maintain and update tax maps, tax map control rolls, base maps and other related maps;
  • Secure cadastral maps and other maps from various sources for purposes of tax mapping operations;
  • Monitor, evaluate and provide technical assistance to municipal assessor's offices on tax mapping operations and property inventory;
  • Coordinate with the Assessment Operations Division on matters relative to property location, area, improvements, ownership and property index number;
  • Revise/issue certified copies of tax mapping documents; and
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned from time to time in the interest of the service.

B. Assessment Operations Division

  • Provide services to real property owners, administrators and other concern;
  • Review the appraisal and assessment transactions made in the Provincial Assessment Office;
  • Review the Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheets (FAAS) and supporting documents submitted by the Tax Mapping Division and Municipal Assessor's Office to determine the correctness of the RPU's classifications, application of the schedule of market values and assessment levels;
  • Provide technical assistance to Municipal Assessor's Offices on assessment administration and operations;
  • Review and recommend for approval plans and programs and unit performance evaluation sheets of Municipal Assessor's Offices;
  • Monitor and evaluate the appraisal and assessment operations of the Municipal Assessor's Offices;
  • Assign Assessment of Real Property (ARP) numbers to approved FAAS; and
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned from time to time in the interest of the service.

C. Records Management Division

  • Act as custodian of all assessment records, documents and other official papers;
  • Update all Field Appraisal and Assessment Sheets (FAAS) of real property units in the Province;
  • Develop and implement a record management system for the Province;
  • Issue, upon request of any interested party, certified true copies of assessment records of real property and all assessment records relative to its assessment;
  • Prepare and submit assessment reports to concerned offices such as: Report of Quarterly RACIMTS, Transfer of Real Properties, Monthly Municipal Assessment Rolls and other reports; and
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned from time to time in the interest of the service.



Arch. Rodello C. Robles
Department Head

Mailing Address:
Provincial Assessor's Office
1st Floor, Provincial Capitol Building
Malolos City, Bulacan,Philippines 3000

Tel: +63(44) 791-8116 / 8117