Provincial Government of Bulacan

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Tomas S. Martin (1958-1963)

Born on March 7, 1921 in Hagonoy, Bulacan. Tomas Martin was the son of Don Miguel Martin and Nicolasa Sebastian. His father, Don Miguel was elected Presidente (alkalde) of Hagonoy and Bokal ng Junta Probinsyal of Bulacan.

His greatest achievement was bringing the government closer to the people. He would often visit his constituents in his many community based projects.

In 1939 he graduated from high school in Bulacan High School and was always elected president in class. In 1941, he received the title Associated in Arts (Pre-Law) and was the valedictorian (Cum Laude). He finished Law in 1949 in Arellano University College of Law, and that same year he passed the Bar Exam.

Political Career

Following the footsteps of his father he went into politics and was elected bokal ng Junta Probinsyal in 1951 and 1955. He became the governor of Bulacan (1958 – 1959) he was an official candidate of Lapiang Nasyonalista for governor on the election of the year 1959.

Provincial roads were asphalted during his time and in 1960 he started cementing the roads.

The total of 699 public work projects were finished during his time, and a total amount of Php 3 Million released to the different projects which include construction of new school buildings, additional rooms for existing school buildings and repair of these.

In his six years of service, the province of Bulacan—clean, peaceful, progressive, no corruption, disorder and abuse. He continued the program of the late president Ramon Magsaysay, which was community development through visitations in all municipalities of the province. The province of Bulacan was showing excellence and was included in one of the famous provinces, the pride of Bulakenos. He was he only governor elected from Hagonoy.

General Info