Provincial Government of Bulacan

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Donato Teodoro (1906-1909)

Teodoro's Incumbency

February 27, 1910 - He became the commanding officer of Batallion Central No. 2 under Gen. Isidoro Torres.

1912 - Bulacan High School staged a strike denouncing the oppressive actuations of Principal Mr. McDay Marilao Band was inaugurated.

1911 - During his term, reformatory school for boys which was later known as Lolomboy Reformatory School was transferred from Manila to Lolomboy, Bocaue and housed at Hacienda House. In this school wayward boys were rehabilitated to be useful citizens.

(Source: Bocaue, Ngayon at Bukas, Alfredo German p. 291-292)

Donato Teodoro was able to finish law through his diligence and hard work. He encouraged and supported poor but deserving students by accommodating them in his house. He supported some with tuition money and by helping them get employment. His second wife, Natalia Buencamino from San Miguel, Bulacan continued this project after his death.

General Info