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BIDA Solusyon para sa COVID-19

REITERATION: National Behavior Change Campaign

The “BIDA SOLUSYON PLUS SA COVID – 19” aims to continue to encourage Filipino people to take an active role in the fight against our common enemy: COVID – 19 (the “contravida”). This is a unified campaign with the Task Group Demand Generation under the Vaccine Cluster to align national efforts and messaging regarding the COVID – 19 Vaccine Advocacy.

The campaign seeks to build upon the original BIDA behaviors through the following behavioral messages of the BIDA Solusyon Campaign:

BIDA Principle
B - Bawal walang mask at face shield Wearing of Personal Protective Equipment decreases the risks of COVID – 19 transmission.
I – I-sanitize ang mga kamay, iwasan ang kulob na lugar

Proper hand hygiene prevents transmission of COVID – 19 by ensuring that your hands are not contaminated before touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. It also prevents spreading the virus on surfaces or objects if your hands are contaminated.

The COVID – 19 virus may remain suspended in the air and accumulate in enclosed spaces, thus increasing the risk of transmission. Adequate air ventilation is needed.

D – Dumistansya at limitahan ang pisikal na interaksyon sa iba

Higher risk of COVID – 19 transmission occurs between people who are within 1 meter of each other.

Prolonged and close physical interaction increases the risk of transmission. Limiting interaction decreases the risk of infection.

A – Alamin ang totoong impormasyon Proliferation of Mis/Disinformation on COVID–19 puts the public at risk and undermines the government’s effort on the COVID – 19 response. Factual information is needed to avert the infodemic.
Plus – Suportahan ang FDA approved na bakuna The vaccine for COVID -19 is an integral part of disease prevention and should be complemented by the observance of non-pharmaceutical interventions.

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