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Pio Valenzuela (1921-1925)

On July 11, 1869, Pio Valenzuela was born in Polo, Bulacan to well-to-do parents. His first schooling was in his home. In 1880 he learned Latin and Spanish from Telesforo Evangelista in Quingua. In 1884 he went to Colegio de San Juan de Letran where he finished his secondary course. In 1888, he enrolled at the University of Sto. Tomas.

When the Spanish colonial rule was becoming intolerable, he joined the Katipunan when he was just 22. He became the Surgeon General of the movement. Bonifacio and Valenzuela became close friends. They discussed many things about the Katipunan. He was instrumental in organizing many Katipunan chapters, especially in Bulacan.

When Rizal was in Dapitan, he was able to visit him to convince him to join the cause. He also offered Rizal the plan of shipping him to Hong Kong. Failing to convince Rizal, he sailed home and reported to Bonifacio.

Armed with a few bolos, guns and spears they attacked enemy camps and was able to relay the Cry of Balintawak to many Katipunan chapters in the neighboring towns. When the Spaniards discovered the movement, he was arrested and jailed at Bilibid prisons.

After the signing of the Treaty of Paris he was released.

He became Presidente Municipal of Polo in September 6, 1899 while still in prison. He became the District Health Officer in 1917. in 1921 he became governor of Bulacan. He was know for being upright and did not tolerate graft and corruption. He died April 6, 1956 leaving behind his wife Marciana and 7 children.


Bulacan Court House was finished and the inscription in the plaque states:

Juan B. Carlos - Governors

Pio Valenzuela

Mariano Serrano - Board Members

Fortunato Rivera

Tomas Maddela - Treasurer

S. Fernandez - Secretary

MAS Construction - Constructor

January 18, 1923 – Veteranos dela Revolucion composed of all the members of the revolutionary groups was formed with General Emilio Aguinaldo, Jose delos Reyes, Aglipay, Sandico, all department heads, prominent people and head of chapters were Vicenter Enriquez, Pio Valenzuela, Mariano Serapio – consejores and Antonio Bautista as the Provincial Head.

August 13, 1923 – The Associacion Agricola Provincial de Bulacan was founded to protect the rights of the landowners from the laws that the American administration pass. In addition the association aims to foster better understanding between landowners and farmers.

September 16, 1923 – the Associacion elected their officers as follows:

Don Antonio Bautista – President

Vicente Platps - Secretary

Marcelo Hipolito - Secretary


Catalino Bubetaw

Ambrosio Valero

Catallino Reyes

Edilberto Crisostomo

Jacinto Molino

Miguel Martin

Francisco Suerte Felipe

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