Provincial Government of Bulacan

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Nicolas Buendia (1916-1919)

He was a member of the Balangay Apuy of the Katipunan, an aide-de-camp of Gen. Isidro Torres. When Malolos fell and was invaded by the Americans, he became the Municipal President of Malolos on November 5, 1907 under the banner of Partido Nacionalista Unionista against Florencio Dalus of Partido Independiente Immediatista.

He became governor of Bulacan 1916-1919. He was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention before the Commonwealth Period. He became a Senator before the outbreak of the War in 1941 representing the first district of Bulacan.


1917 – National Guard, Bulacan Provincial chapter was formed. This organization was in preparation in the event that the Philippines will be involved in World War II. Company K was formed in Malolos, Company M in Baliuag.

April 18, 1819 – Gov Buendia requested the governor-general to appropriate money for the construction of the Bulacan Provincial Hospital to be named after Rev. Father Gregorio Crisostomo. The money was to be taken from the estate of this patriotic priest who instead of giving his money to the church donated his wealth to the government for charitable and civic endeavors.

General Info