Provincial Government of Bulacan

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Ignacio Santiago (1968-1986)

He was a successful Mayor of Valenzuela at first. His Nacionalista friends prodded him to run against Gov. Villarama in the 1967 governatorial race. He won by more thann 56,000 votes.


Creation of the provincial Engineers Office and constructed the provincial Engineering Building and a motor pool complex to be able to closely supervise the 630 public works and road construction activities.

Infrastructure Projects

Marcelo H. del Pilar Annex Building, 300 km. of roads, streets in the provincial grounds, athletic ground was fenced.

He organized a Provincial Development Council which got the cooperation of the private sector to get studies and plans and pursue the implementation of this development projects of the province. In addition, he has a multi-discipline technical staff headed by the provincial engineer as coordinator.

The Bulacan Museum and Cultural Center were constructed from fund raising activities.

Bulacan is one of the five provinces to implement manpower training of the Marcos administration launched in May 13, 1968 with the Bulacan College of Arts and Trade as the first training center. Eleven more adults and out-of-school youth graduated. Areas of trainings: automotive repair; machine shop operation; industrial electricity; radio and TV repair; air conditioning; and others. Graduates were recommended for employment.

He also has a tax mapping done to increase revenue collection. He has a Bulacan Economic Garden demo project and distribution center.

He was the first provincial executive to sign an agreement with the National Economic Council for aid to be used in the development of the province. With US-AID help, Bulacan was one of the first province-wide radio communications system which has greatly minimized the commission of crime in the province.

He was instrumental in the implementation of "Saniban sa Kaunlaran", a system launched on April 17, 1969.

General Info