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Provincial Incentives
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One-Stop Investment Assistance Center
Who May Avail
Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Division


The Provincial Government of Bulacan grants incentives to investment projects that are included in the investment priority areas. These incentives complement the attractive national government incentives and privileges granted by the Board of Investments (BOI) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

One-Stop Investment Assistance Center

The creation of One-Stop Investment Assistance Center in the province is among the non-fiscal incentives offered to investors. The Center serves as the investment promotion arm of the provincial government in providing assistance to investors and support to priority industry groups. It facilitates application of qualified investors for the Bulacan Investment Incentive. It supports the municipalities and local counterparts in their efforts to facilitate investment-friendly environment.

Who May Avail
To avail of the Provincial Incentives, the interested business must comply with the following:
1)   That the existing enterprise whose place of operation or production is already situated within the territorial jurisdiction of the Province of Bulacan;
2)   Must have complied with all the requirements mandated by existing local and national laws;
3)   That the business falls under the investment priority areas or any of the following activities:
a)   Labor Generating Enterprises;
b)   Enterprise to be established in identified growth sub-center in the province in accordance with the approved provincial physical framework plan;
c)   Manufacturing enterprises using indigenous materials;
d)   Electronics Enterprises;
e)   Tourism Oriented Enterprises;
f)   Pioneering Enterprises;
g)   Service Oriented Enterprises;
h)   Water and Power Resources Development Enterprises;
i)   Telecommunications Development Enterprises; or
j)   Agribusiness Enterprises;
4)   Expand its existing production facilities such as construction of new buildings, installation of new machineries and equipment or improvements thereof which will result in an increase in production; and
5)   Must have an additional investment of not less than P50M.

Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Division

Provincial Cooperative and Economic Development Office (PCEDO)
Provincial Capitol Compound, Malolos City, Bulacan 3000 Philippines
Tels: +63(44) 791-0884
Email: pcedo@bulacan.gov.ph
Contact: Ms. Cynthia P. Abiol, Department Head

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