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Investment Priority Areas
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  1. Labor Generating Enterprises
  2. Enterprise to be established in identified less-developed areas or growth sub-center in the province in accordance with the approved provincial physical framework plan;
  3. Manufacturing enterprises using indigenous materials;
  4. Electronics Enterprises;
  5. Tourism Oriented Enterprises
    This covers the establishment of tourist accommodation facilities, resorts, retirement villages and medical tourism
  6. Pioneering Enterprises;
  7. Service Oriented Enterprises
    This covers service rendered to clients abroad such as contact center, business/knowledge processing, software development, animation, data transcription, engineering desing and information and communications technology support activities
  8. Water and Power Resources Development Enterprises
  9. Telecommunications Development Enterprises
  10. Agri-Business Enterprises
  11. Research and Development
    This covers commercial and in-house R & D activities, and the establishment of centers of excellence, innovation, and skill development training institutions
  12. Engineered Products
  13. Generation of power using alternative sources such as solar, wind that do not generate greenhouse effect

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