Bulacan Job Central was established to aid jobseekers and employers find the correct job and the correct employees. This will also further the goal of Bulacan Government to extend its services to the people, particularly in employment facet. Since we’re gearing towards ease via automation, this yet another breakthrough would again reflect that the province will not be left behind in terms of technology utilization for public service.

The Provincial Management Information Systems Office, in coordination of Bulacan Public Employment Service Office have strived to develop the Bulacan Job Central and invite companies post their job vacancies and search for candidates suited for what a particular role (open position) requires. And since this is an open-to-all invitation, you can expect to spot different jobs from different industries from all corners of the country and the world.

Our comprehensive Job portal will help you find the employment pages of companies, personnel and government agencies within and outside Bulacan. It is all organized and managed to help users find them at a click.

The Bulacan Job Central intends to be the starting point for anyone pursuing a better future through finding an employment.

The information and links are regularly updated. These information and resources (requirements) will help applicants assess and evaluate themselves for the position they want to vie for.

Regularly visit the Bulacan Job Portal. You’ll never, that one great chance of your career is within just a click.

For employers looking for suitable candidates for their job vacancies, this is one of the best ways to harness talents. This is a free service from the Government of Bulacan.

It is our pleasure to serve those who are searching and offering employment.

Good luck on your application, jobseekers!

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